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NEW MUSIC: Badflower "Ghost"

Badflower frontman Josh Katz turned his dark thoughts during a dark place in his life into a song that might be saving lives.

Mental health and suicide have become something of an epidemic in America these past few years. Katz did not set out to make a grand statement or change the world, but some fans of "Ghost" would say he has. The raw and honest way Badflower explore suicide and self-harm might literally be saving lives if YouTube comments are any indication. Katz told Loudwire:

When it was written I had just gotten off tour, and I spent the entire tour having panic attacks on stage every night. It was just something that came out of nowhere for reasons that only my therapist can tell you. When that happened, I got home and it was a traumatic experience having to deal with that every single night and I was in a really low place. I was depressed and thinking about self-harm. So I just wrote it. I played out the whole scenario and put it into a song because that's what writers do, I suppose. I didn't even know if it was gonna go on the album. I was sorta hesitant to even show it to the rest of my band, But everyone heard it and loved it, and said it might actually be a positive thing to put out in the world. So we did, and it turned out that I was wrong in my skepticism because it was a positive thing.

He spoke with Forbes as well:

I didn't think about how other people would react to it at all. I didn't think about anything but what was right in front of me. I was feeling those things when I wrote the song at the time and I just wanted to express it in the most detailed and honest way that I could. And it's funny how timely it was because right when it was released there was a lot of public suicides that happened and a lot of people drew connections to that, in a positive way, not in a negative way. But that was never really our intention.  I wasn't really singing about the Chris Cornell's or the Chester [Bennington's] or anything like that. At the same time, as an artist coming up, that's a concern I have for myself. I think about artists like that and I think, "With that much success and that much love and they're surrounded by people who love them, they still couldn't quite get out of that hole." And that is a fear I have as an artist myself . I just wanted to write about it, my own personal experience of it, not anybody else's.

Possibly NSFW for uncensored lyrics and mannequins with nipples (because this post needs some levity):

Badflower - Ghost

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