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This Smelly Game The Struts Used To Play Will Gross You Out

The Struts frontman Luke Spiller shares one pungent way the band killed time traveling between tour dates during their early days.

Their sophomore album YOUNG&DANGEROUS just came out. Is Luke Spiller lampooning or bragging about rock n' roll excess on the track "Primadonna Like Me"? I'm not quite smart enough to tell. But he's singing about being a big fish in a small town and lounging in the backseat of a Rolls Royce either way.

In fact, Rolling Stone took a ride with Luke in a chauferred, tricked-out Rolls and filmed the afternoon for our pleasure. They discuss cars and customization - Luke's own ride is a retro Mini - and that fertile intersection of driving and music. That's when Luke maybe overshared about The Struts' tours during the early days:

Luke: We'd be driving to a venue. And we used to play this game where we would shut all the windows and turn the heat up. And we would all just sit there in the car. And until someone was like, "Please!" And we would see who would crack first. And when we got out of the car we were all like drenched in sweat.

RS writer: That smelled great.

Luke: I don't think any of us smelled great for about three years.

The Struts - Primadonna Like Me

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