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Anthony Kiedis Put In Penalty Box At Lakers Game

I'm mixing my sportsball metaphors, but Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman Anthony Kiedis got a little too involved following a brawl between players.

Kiedis and RHCP bassist Flea are Los Angeles sports megafans (as we recapped here earlier this month) and can regularly be found courtside at Los Angeles Lakers games. And short of being on tour, I'm not sure anything could keep them away from the home opener of not just the 2018-19 season but also the dawn of the LeBron James era in L.A.

However this game will be remembered not for being James' first game in gold and purple, but for the fight that broke out. Unfortunately, the spat between the Houston Rockets' Chris Paul and LA's Rajon Rondo caused several players to receive ejections.

As Chris Paul was being ejected, Kiedis shouted at and flipped off Paul and Houston Rockets staff. Security then escorted Kiedis from the floor as well!

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How you gonna throw out a LA Legend? Anthony Kiedis a real one too.


TMZ reports Kiedis was allowed to cool off and return to his seat. This Twitter rando ain't having it, though.

deх (вall dnт lιe)???? on Twitter

AK (Anthony Kiedis) from Red Hot Chilie Peppers should of gotten kicked out the game for yelling profanities and flipping the bird to Chris Paul and the #Rockets staff. This is unacceptable @Lakers if this was a regular joe/fan he would of got kicked out the building. #NBA

First of all buddy, it's "should have" and "would have". Second , you write "Under The Bridge," "Give It Away", and "Californication" and maybe some people let you play a little loose with the rules too.

Want context? Here's how the players' brawl started a few minutes earlier.

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ICYMI: Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo came to blows in a Lakers-Rockets brawl. ????