Black Slushy For Halloween Turns More Than Your Teeth Black

Happy Halloween?  Sort of. Until you get a look at the disturbing results this black slushy causes. Burger King just put out their latest offering (aka marketing) for Halloween the Fanta Scary Black Cherry Slushy.  It's black, and when you see what it turns black, it's definitely scary.

  • This icy sweet treat is going viral for two reasons, it tastes good and it's black.
  • However, BK's Frozen Fanta slushy turns your teeth black.  But wait there's more. It will also turn something else black...your poop.  (Perhaps a cause for someone to add black poop emojis?)
  • It is available at Burger King now until until November 12 so go ahead and try it but consider yourself warned, it comes out the way it goes in, and nothing is more alarming when there's crazy unexpected colors in the toilet.

Years ago, this happened to my 2 year old after a birthday party where she ate a cake with black fondant (frosting). Imagine a mother's horror to have to change a black diaper?  Needless to say, I'm all set with black bodily excrement.

-Amy Brooks.