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Woman And Emotional Support Squirrel Get Booted From Flight

Yep, an emotional support squirrel.  A woman recently attempted to fly from Orlando to Cleveland on Frontier Airlines with her squirrel.   Apparently, she did call the airline to let them know she would be bringing an emotional support animal on board, ahhhh however, she failed to mention it was a squirrel.  She also failed to get the memo or was ignoring it altogether about how airlines are cracking down on which animals are eligible for emotional support on an airplane (annnnd squirrels aren't one of them).

She made it on board until the Police removed her, evacuated the plane which delayed the plane 2 hours and brought her in.  The best is how she so graciously exited the scene which you can see below in this cell phone video. Courtesy of The Washington Post.  #StayClassy

-Amy Brooks


Woman with 'emotional support' squirrel ejected from plane

Passengers in Orlando had to disembark from their Cleveland-bound flight after a woman brought her "emotional support" squirrel on board the aircraft Oct. 10.