Mumford And Sons Talk Touring, Soccer, and Spinal Tap - INTERVIEW

Mumford And Sons will hit the road very soon in support of new album 'Delta'. Marcus Mumford teases, "We've never seen a show like this."

Juggling interviews with finishing work on Delta  - they've made progress even since their recent Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon sit-down! - Marcus and guitarist Winston Marshall explained how the new album sounds different from Wilder Mind. Yes, the banjos returned, but the bigger dimension to their sound sticks around as well. Winston mentioned influences ranging from pop, electronic, jazz, and psychedelic rock.

As for touring, they poked fun a bit at their bandmate Ben Lovett for telling Rolling Stone, "It's a completely reimagined version of a gig. No one's ever used arenas like this." They remained coy about the details, but the tour itinerary will come pretty soon.

Marcus also revealed the band's recent embarrassing moment which sounds straight out of the classic film This Is Spinal Tap. Plus what's the coolest opportunity they ever had thanks to Mumford And Sons' success?

Have you heard their new song "Guiding Light" yet?

Delta drops on November 16 - assuming they finish it on time.