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NEW MUSIC: Shinedown "Get Up"

Shinedown tackle mental illness on the uplifiting "Get Up", written by frontman Brent Smith for bassist Eric Bass' own struggle with depression.

A decade ago Shinedown scored their only mainstream hit to date with "Second Chance". "Get Up" finds the Jacksonville, Florida hard rock band swinging for that fence once more.

Brent sings atop gentle piano chords before bombastic drums join a chorus that could have come from an Imagine Dragons track. He conceived the song's insiprational, motivational message with a specific and personal purpose:

I wrote the lyrics to Get Up about Eric... Eric faces is what is considered to be clinical depression on a daily basis. Some days everything is great, some days the sky is falling in. Often he'll tell me he wishes he could unscrew part of his skull, reach into his brain and take that part of him out and throw it away. But it is a part of him, and he has to work with it. He doesn't have to like it, but he has to respect it. And as a band we all respect him because of it. It was one of the songs that took the longest to write because I was afraid what Eric was going to think. So this is the part of the record when a person has to have a heart-to-heart chat with themselves in that chair. It's a very conversational piece.

And here's Eric's story about "Get Up":

Brent came in the studio and said, “I’ve got something I want to sing for you,” and he sat down and started singing what would become “Get Up.” It was very personal, because he told me that he had written it about me and my depression. And it’s kind of about the two of us. If you listen to the first verse, where he’s singing to someone, and then he puts it on himself. When that song was written, I think it made it okay to continue writing about very personal things. So it was sort of the launching point for what this record ended up being. It’s exactly what it is…there’s not a lot of metaphor in there. It’s get up and get out, and pull yourself up.

Although "Get Up" comes from an intimate place between these two musicians, it's exactly the kind of song that transcends its origins. Anyone who faces mental health struggles themselves or supports someone who does will likely identify with its message.

Shinedown - GET UP (Official Video)

The official video for Shinedown's "GET UP" from the album 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' - available now!

Shinedown's sixth album Attention Attention is out now.