Covering Blink 182 'Weezer Style' In Tribute To Travis Barker - Amy Brooks

Weezer is officially in competition with Foo Fighters for greatest cover band on the globe and that's not at all a bad thing.

I think what Weezer and Foo Fighters have both figured out is to do what ever it is on stage and off stage to have fun!  Once fans see them belting out songs from the 80's (Weezer-"Africa") or having their surgeon play "Seven Nation Army" live at Fenway (Dave Grohl's broken leg tour and then again this summer, 2 years later), it not only stands out but gives you that "oh wow" moment that we all crave.

Weezer was asked to fill in for Blink 182 as the headliner at Chicago’s Riot Fest, due to drummer Travis Barker’s medical issues. During their set, Rivers told the audience that they specifically learned “All the Small Things” as a tribute to Blink-182.  However, Young The Giant who was on stage before Weezer, did the exact same cover, also as a tribute.  Don't these bands chit-chat backstage???

Seems like Rivers handled it well saying,

“But we’re gonna do it anyway, because you can never have too much Blink in your life,” Cuomo added. “Let’s see what it sounds like Weezer-style.”

Here's the cover- the sound could be better but it was definitely done Weezer style! Bravo guys.

-Amy Brooks

Weezer "All The Small Things" (Blink 182 Cover - Riot Fest 2018)

Since Blink 182 was unable to make Riot Fest, Weezer stepped in. They covered Blink.