(Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

A Motorcycle Racer Pulls a Competitor's Brake at 140 Miles-Per-Hour

An Italian motorcycle racer named Romano Fenati reached over and PULLED a competitor's hand brake . . . while they were racing and going 140 miles-per-hour.  The other racer wobbled a little, but didn't fall.

Fenati has apologized, but was still suspended by his team, and there's talk that he may never be allowed to race again.

Moto2 rider sparks fury after grabbing rival's brake lever at 140mph

There were incredible scenes at the San Marino Moto2 as Italy's Romano Fenati was given a black flag after attempting to San Marino Moto2 on the straight at 140mph. Fenati's actions, which have been labelled 'irresponsible' and 'outrageous', appeared to come in response to Manzi's bungled attempt to overtake him a few laps prior.