Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Airline Passengers Told to Urinate in Plastic Bags After Flushed Diaper Breaks Toilet!

As it turns out, there is a good reason why signs are posted in airplane bathrooms asking you to not flush anything besides toilet paper! 187 passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Hawaii found this out the hard way after someone flushed a diaper, causing the bathrooms to be shut down!

After the diaper became stuck in the system, the airline was forced to close down all of the restrooms aboard the aircraft and plastic bottles and bags were provided for travelers to relieve themselves into if they were unable to wait for the airplane to land at it's destination.

The airline has acknowledged the incident and has stated that they will be reaching out to all of the passengers aboard the flight to offer compensation.


Flushed diaper in plane lavatory prompts attendants to ask fliers to urinate in bags

Vacation got off to a rough start for travelers flying to Kona, Hawaii from Phoenix recently, when flight attendants reportedly informed passengers they could not use the lavatories onboard. One woman, who was not identified, took video of an American Airlines employee telling her that the toilet was overflowing and asking her to urinate in a bag.