NEW MUSIC: Hozier "Nina Cried Power (Ft. Mavis Staples)"

Hozier drops an EP headlined by this title track and an assist from soul legend Mavis Staples.

"Nina Cried Power" is a tad more upbeat than his big hit "Take Me To Church" but just as impactful. Mavis Staples and a gospel choir join Hozier to catalogue legendary artists past and present who stood up for something. He described the track to Rolling Stone as a "song about protest songs". He also drew inspiration from social and economic struggles. “The fights that took place 100 years ago or 200 years ago for whatever — civil rights or workers’ rights etc. — don’t stop.” A music or pop-culture junkie could spend hours unpacking the many references, but for now let's just enjoy the track.

Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples (Official Audio)

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The EP holds three other tracks. "Moment's Silence (Common Tongue)" has a brighter, bluesy stomp while the other two are comparatively slower and moodier.

Hozier returns to Boston for a show at the House of Blues on October 1.