NEW MUSIC: Thirty Seconds To Mars "Rescue Me"

Jared Leto provides another slice of 'AMERICA' on the third single from the latest Thirty Seconds To Mars album. "Rescue Me" follows "Walk On Water" and "Dangerous Night" which both hit #1 at Alternative.

"Rescue Me" possesses the anthemic qualities 30STM fans expect. Add in some cool EDM interludes between choruses and verses and cool manipulation of vocal samples during the bridge, and we have another solid Thirty Seconds To Mars track.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Rescue Me (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video | Thirty Seconds to Mars - Rescue Me Rescue Me is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom. Freedom from the wreckage of your past. Freedom from the bondage of self. And freedom to embrace all the promises that life has to offer.

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