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A bride let her husband to be plan their wedding...he blows it!

A woman in the U.K. recently let her husband plan their wedding.  And he blew most of their budget on a Mr. Bean impersonator. He also spent a good chunk of change on his bachelor party leaving only a little bit of money for bridesmaid dresses.  It was all for a reality show in the UK called "Don't Tell the Bride."


Don't Tell The Bride viewers in hysterics after groom blows budget on Mr Bean impersonator and only £27 each on the bridesmaid's 'minging' dresses

DON'T Tell The Bride viewers were left in hysterics last night as a groom splashed his cash on a Mr Bean impersonator and just £27 on bridesmaid dresses. Lee, 29, was tasked with organising his wedding day with Becky, 26, without any involvement from her.