Watch Smashing Pumpkins Live Concert Stream From Seattle - Amy Brooks

I admit to gushing openly about Smashing Pumpkins Boston show.  Despite many people's dismay over Billy and his often volatile on stage presence, especially with band mates (namely James Iha) with whom relations have been strained for decades, still I assure you those uncomfortable moments are few and far between if at all.  And with James's laid back devil-may-care attitude not to mention the adoration from the audience in every city, Billy Corgan's antics were at best, nothing.

For my full review of the Pumpkins' TD Garden show click HERE. 

The reality of their greatness is their sound. And the craft of their songs, which has nearly been forgotten until this reunion tour.  So I suggest you don't miss the chance to see them live again, even if D'Arcy didn't sign on.  If you missed the Pumpkins in your city, be sure to check them out live by streaming their Seattle concert tomorrow night (Friday) August 24th starting at 11:15 via Twitter Eastern Time.


Here are more details:

  • Want to catch the Smashing Pumpkins on their "Shiny And Oh So Bright" reunion tour, but haven't got the cash or don't feel like dealing with the venue parking lot?
  • The band has announced that they are live streaming their show from Seattle on Friday for free via Twitter.
  • It's part of the band's partnership with concert giant Live Nation.
  • Concert starts at 8:15pm Pacific Time.
  • Do you have the ability to set up your computer/phone/tablet directly to your stereo? Could your system match the experience of being at the show?

Seems like a win to watch it from the comfort of your couch, just be ready to pin the volume to 11. This show will not disappoint!

-Amy Brooks