Weezer And Weird Al Together Down In Africa - Amy Brooks

Just when you thought it was kinda crazy (and weird) that Weezer decided to cover Toto's Africa after Twitter shamed them into it and perhaps weirder still that it has become Weezer's biggest and most popular song to date...things get even weirder...

At the Forum in Los Angeles Wednesday, Weezer wrapped up their regular set with their new signature song Africa and mid-song who does Rivers introduce to the stage? Weird Al Yankovic who jogged on and he blasted the famous key board part from his accordion. This reminded me that, in order to have done all of those parody songs so brilliantly over the years, Weird Al is and has been  a notable musician with plenty of talent!

Watch the video below taken and posted by John Capodice which shows the unlikely collaboration.


Weezer performing "Africa" cover with Weird Al Yankovic at the Forum