(Photo by John Stillwell/WPA-Pool/Getty Images)

What’s the strange thing new moms are doing with their newborns?

Some moms are taking the very first moment they get to snuggle their newborn baby to another level by... licking them. Some mothers have the urge to lick and sniff their newborns and scientists say that it's totally natural. A maternity health care professional says that licking the baby is an instinctive response that helps them bond with the child.  As mammals we have just evolved past needing it, but those primal instincts may still kick in for some mothers.


Mums, it might be perfectly normal for you to want to lick your newborns

It's a pretty special moment when parents are handed their baby for the first time. They don't usually care about the blood and all the gunk that comes with a fresh newborn if it means getting to snuggle their new child. But some parents may take the bonding moment one step further by wanting to lick their baby.