(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Dramatic Footage from Inside the Cabin of a Deadly Plane Crash

A plane crashed last week shortly after takeoff from Wonderboom Airport in South Africa.  Two people were killed and some 20 injured.  And there's a cell phone video making the rounds that was taken by one of the passengers.  (WARNING!  The footage is disturbing.)

It's pointed out the window as the plane is descending, and you can see flames shooting from the left wing.  Passengers talk about how it's "getting very, very bad" and "Make sure you're strapped in."

The video goes black on impact but doesn't stop recording.  You hear the crash and all the confusion inside the cabin.

WATCH: Dramatic footage apparently shows moment of Wonderboom plane crash

WARNING: Footage may be distressing Dramatic footage has emerged apparently showing the moment of the Wonderboom plane crash, which claimed two lives and left around 20 injured last week. The video, which was being circulated on Twitter and Whatsapp, appears to have been taken from inside the plane by one of the passengers, and shows flames coming from the left wing of the aircraft.