Amy's Pick Of The Week- Twenty One Pilots "Jumpsuit"

Well, finally after over a year, Twenty One Pilots made their big 3 part new music announcement yesterday (July 11) to the delight of fans.

1) Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph released 2 new songs ("Jumpsuit" and Nico and the Niners")

2) They told the world that these were the first 2 songs which will live on their forthcoming 5th studio album TRENCH available October 5th.

3) A TOUR!  Starting this fall, TOP will be on the road for about a year (so far) on their Bandito Tour (including a stop at the TD Garden in Boston Oct 26th).

Whew, for a band who was incredibly secretive and cryptic about ANY plans, it was a LOT of info to take in at once.  But none the less 24 hours later as the dust and hysteria has settled, I have been able to spend some time with these two new songs.  And I have officially chosen "Jumpsuit" as my pick of the week.

Accompanying "Jumpsuit" is an incredible cinematographic music video where Tyler is being chased by a mysterious red caped villain (which I thought was little red riding hood at first, seriously).

But what is especially stunning is the scenery. Since the release of the video for "Jumpsuit" fans have done some super-sleuthing to find out where the video was filmed.  The location which is a place called Fjaðrárgljúfur in Southern Iceland. (Pronunciation unsure to be honest, but 2,000 bonus points for the one who can say it)!

One website noted how it isn't a very well known spot. but alas that will certainly change now that the biggest band in the world just recorded their comeback music video there. I don't know about you but I'll be watching YouTube for fan video reenactments to surface.

At any rate Twenty One Pilots' new song "Jumpsuit" seems as mysterious to me as the long wait and Twitter rat race they had us on for the last year.  But i think I must love it, just like the rest of fans, just like how much i love this track

ICYMI: Here's Twenty-One Pilot's "Jumpsuit." My pick of the week.

-Amy Brooks

twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]

twenty one pilots official video for 'Jumpsuit' from the forthcoming album Trench, available October 5th on Fueled By Ramen.