Inquiring Minds: Which Brand Of Chips Has The Most Air In the Bag? - Amy Brooks

Summer is here which means ROAD TRIP!  And in my world road trip means a bag of chips on my lap in the drivers' seat.  Actually, I probably pick up bags of chips for other summer occasions as well, like bbq's, the beach and on the way to the cashier at the packy. Whatever it is there is one thing for sure...that bags of chips always feel like a rip off because spending $2.79-$3.99 for a bag of AIR is just a pisser.

I realize chip companies have to put SOME air in those bags or else the chips would get destroyed in no time.  But a bag that's HALF air like I   Well, I'm not alone!  A new study was done to find out which brand has the best chip-to-air ratio.  The study looked at 14 different types of chips and other snacks like Cheetos etc. and here's what they found:

The average bag of chips is 43% air.A bag of FRITOS has the BEST ratio with only 19% of the bag being filled with air.

Here are all 14 brands and how much air you get with each one:

Fritos, 19% air . . . Pringles, 28% air . . . Tostitos, 34% . . . Baked Lays, 39% . . . Sun Chips, 41% . . . regular Lays, 41% . . . Popchips, 45% . . .

My favorite: Cape Cod Chips has 46% air . . . Kettle Brand chips, 47% . . . Doritos, 48% . . . Terra chips, 49% . . . Stacy's Pita Chips, 50% air . . . Ruffles, also 50% . . . and in last place, CHEETOS with 59% air.

The good news is we might be getting more chips than we used to.  A 2015 study found the average bag was 70% air, which is 27% more than the new study found.  Surprising.

So happy chip crunching and I'll see you on the road or at the beach, I'll be the one with a party sized bag in my lap.

-Amy Brooks

Thank you Sarah Archer and those who helped produce the original story.

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