Photo by Olivia Bee

Smashing Pumpkins Drop Video for “Solara”

Hey, kids...who’s ready to get strange?  

Smashing Pumpkins released the video for their latest single “Solara,” and according to the press release announcing the video, “the dreamlike clip expands on the theatrics of the band's catalog of iconic music videos.”

Translation:  That’s publicist-speak for, “It’s f*cking weird!  ENJOY!”

(Side note:  I didn’t realize I needed to see a mime birth scene until now.  Also, I can’t tell if Billy Corgan is wearing a skirt or culottes, but whatever that pleated madness is, it looks comfy AF.)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Solara

Solara available everywhere: credits: Director: Nick Koenig Written by: Nick Koenig & Graeme Barrett Producer: Brendan Garrett Director Of Photography: CJ Brion Stylist: Alanna Pearl Makeup artist: Malina Stearns Editor: Nick Koenig Production Design: Nick Koenig & Graeme Barret Post-Production FX: Jon Coop Colorist: Josh Bohoskey/The Mill

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