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How did a guy find out someone had spit in his food?

A guy out for a nice Father's Day dinner got a very troubling note on the bottom of his receipt.

After finishing his meal the man asked the waitress for his receipt.  When he got it there was note on how to prepare his burger and it said "PLEASE SPIT ON IT TOO."

The man complained to the management and the restaurant owner said it is unlikely that the cook actually spit on the man's food, but the waitress was fired immediately and the meal was refunded.  You can see an image of the receipt below.

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EXCLUSIVE: On a scorching hot summer night, what's better than a cold brew? Pair it with a juicy burger. Cheddar cheese, well done, toast bread, please spit in it too! Don't forget the mayo! Wait... spit?! At 11pm we'll tell you which beer garden and what the manager told us.