The Different Faces Of FOB's Pete Wentz - Amy Brooks

Never met a Gemini I didn't like (I am one after all) 😉 and Pete Wentz is no exception.

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III born on this day (June 5), 1979, is the bassist and backing vocalist of the Chicago area pop-punk band Fall Out Boy.

Pete is no stranger to changing up his face, hair and image so I thought in honor of his big day I'd give you a few of his popular and interesting looks through the years.

Unfortunately, their latest album Mania isn't getting the same kind of love that Pete tends to get...Perhaps that's because the band is in competition with themselves to put out music that's more and more mass appeal and better than the previous 6 albums.  Which is hard to do! They are their own toughest act to follow.

Take a listen to one of their latest songs from Mania below and see for yourself.

Fall Out Boy - Church

"Church" from M A N I A, out now - stream + download the album: Upcoming tour dates: Subscribe here: LYRICS If you were church I'd get on my knees Confess my love I'd know where to be My sanctuary You're

In the meantime - a very happy birthday to Pete Wentz, a great bassist and an excellent co-front man of a fun talented laid back band who loves their fans and puts on a fantastic high energy show.

-Amy Brooks