Weezer Gives In To Fan Pressure And Covers Toto's "Africa"

For months there has been this random fan campaign for Weezer to cover Toto's epic 1982 song "Africa".  It got so crazy someone dedicated an actual Twitter account to the cause  (@WeezerCoverAfrica) hoping the band would succumb to the pressure and record it. For months Weezer basically chuckled, rolled their eyes and shrugged it off.

Then, just last week, Weezer released a fantastic, shiny, happy cover of "Rosanna" (another huge song for Toto which earned the band a Grammy award in 1983 for Record of the Year).  But it was clear that they were just messing with their fans because after all "Roseanna" wasn't the song the trolls wanted.

"Weezer seems to be straight-up f**king with us at this point," Noisey noted.

Now, it has not only happened but the Twitter-sphere is going nuts!  God bless Weezer for never taking themselves too seriously and having not only a great appreciation for their fans but an amazing sense of humor.  Weezer has officially 'blessed the rains' and covered "Africa", releasing the rendition on their official YouTube account. They even nodded to the fan account that started this all by including a screenshot in the video post.

Bravo Weezer! Sounding JUST like the over-produced group of L.A. session musicians who made up that memorable 80's group Toto.

-Amy Brooks

Listen to the cover below:

Weezer - Africa

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