Laurel Is Kicking Yanny's Ass On Google - Amy Brooks

The internet seems pretty even split on what the hell they are hearing (yanny or laurel), Google Trends show that the searches for laurel are way above yanny  in every part of the U.S.  Which doesn't necessarily mean more people are hearing laurel, but rather that they're searching for it.

GoogleTrends on Twitter

laurel is ahead of #yanny in search today

It is pretty interesting that the search is higher considering yanny is the first word on the Instagram poll that's been floating around with the audio.  Perhaps that can be a whole new study that can serve to divide us yet again? idk.

To try it again here is the damn audio that is frustrating every single one of us.

Cloe Feldman on Twitter

What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel

While it is still unclear exactly why people are hearing different words in the clip, many people are pointing to the amplitude of the clip, frequencies heard, and the speaker used to play back the audio.

It's likely that people hearing yanny are using speakers that do not reproduce low frequencies well, such as the speaker on an iPhone. But turn the volume up and play it on a set of speakers that replicate bass better, and you may find yourself on team laurel.

Whatever the science it is a total black and purple/gold and white dress conundrum and mind scramble.  And I figure if we were able to get by that mystery (have we though) then we too will come out on the other side of this one, agreeing to disagree.

But just for the record. It's Laurel.

-Amy Brooks