WATCH: Rob Gronkowski's Undercover Lyft Then Farts

Big Papi did it (see below), now enter the next most likely candidate, "The Gronk" (as he calls himself in this clip...btw for the record I've never heard him called that! Have you?  Isn't it simply "Gronk"?)

How these people don't recognize who he is is beyond me.  Although it is evident that Lyft takers are the non sports watching intellectual types and may not spend so much time Monday Morning Quarterbacking for the Patriots.

The best part here is the verrrry end...when he leaves us with a little treat.


Rob Gronkowski Goes Undercover as Lyft Driver

New England Patriots Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4 Twitter Logo Featured Columnist If any Foxborough, Massachusetts, residents recently took a Lyft ride from a driver discussing his Tom Brady man crush, it might have been Rob Gronkowski. The New England Patriots tight end went undercover as a driver-if "undercover" means wearing sunglasses and a wig while continuing to act like oneself.

...and for comparison here's Papi' who did it better?

Undercover Lyft with David Ortiz

See what happens when Boston's beloved slugger David Ortiz goes behind the wheel as a Lyft driver to surprise passengers. Things we know: Big Papi is just as good at driving on the road as he is in the ballpark. Also, he looks pretty good in a wig.

-Amy Brooks