Amy's Pick Of The Week: Bastille "Quarter Past Midnight" - Amy Brooks

The album isn't quite finished but this song definitely was, so why keep it on the shelf with Bastille fans chomping at the bit for a fix? Bastille's Dan Smith decided wisely to release it well ahead of their new album which is still in the mixing stage.  Glad he did.  There is no one with his voice and no band with their sound.  So like it or not (I'm in the "like" column for sure) you can deeply respect and appreciate the brilliant difference that this song offers in contrast to all other current new releases.  Bravo Bastille.

In an interview with the UK rag "The Independent" here's what Dan Smith says he doesn’t want to reveal too much about “what the album is about” because it’s better for fans to listen and decide for themselves. But he does say it became a loose story of starting at quarter past midnight and ending the next morning:

Hopefully the album works on a few levels, it’s more personal, potentially metaphorical for… other things that are happening, he says.  I definitely wanted this album to feel a lot more intimate.

It’s the opening track on the album ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ is about trying to capture that moment of a night out. Some people are gonna go home; for some this is just the beginning. It became about being in someone's car, driving through the city. I wanted to try and capture that sense of excitement, and that rush.  And it was really fun to make.

It’s way easier to escape in the night time,” Smith adds. “Places that aren’t normally open are open to the world, and the places that you associate with reality and work are all shut down. There’s a parallel universe that exists, and this other set of people who are out and about.

Check it out here and see why it's my pick of the week.

-Amy Brooks

Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Visualiser)

Quarter Past Midnight is Out Now - Join Bastille online: Music video by Bastille performing Quarter Past Midnight. © 2018 Virgin Records Ltd

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