Posting a Selfie Everyday Is Good For Your Mental Health - Amy Brooks

I've got a lot of ways I'd describe people who post daily selfies, but "mentally healthy" isn't exactly one of them. But then again what do I know?  Apparently nothing.  And besides I am known to post a selfie now and again so I suppose that makes me a well as, mentally healthy? Ha! Who knew.

Here's the skinny - according to a new study in England, taking a photo every day and posting it on social media improves your well-being.  The researchers focused on selfies, but they say that it works for any photo.

Why?  Well, they found that when you stop what you're doing to take a photo and then share it with the world, it keeps you motivated, sharp, and engaged with your friends.  So you feel less lonely, and more in tune with the rest of the world.  (It doesn't say anything about keeping your ego in check).

I guess Kim Kardashian has been on to something all these years.

Ok cool, but please stop taking pictures of your food.

Thank you-

Amy Brooks