(Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

A Man Inserts a Grub Into His Ear to Eat the Wax

An English adventurer named Will Millard went to the jungles of New Guinea to study the Korowai people who still live in tree houses and use stone tools.  It ended up as a two-part series on the BBC called "My Year With the Tribe".

In one clip a tribesman inserts a grub into Will's ear to clear out the waxy buildup.  And it works.  He can actually hear it eating the wax.  It eventually comes out on its own.

Jungle grub eats ear wax! | My Year with the Tribe - BBC Two

Programme website: https://bbc.in/2J99uUC In the jungles of West Papua, traditionally the Korowai tribe use small grubs to clean their ears. Tribesman Markus places a grub into Will Millard's ear during his time in the jungle!