Rivers Cuomo Covers Green Day And Smashing Pumpkins Live - Amy Brooks

I can't stop watching and loving how simple and effortless Rivers Cuomo is and how f*cking good.  I mean it's clear he can just play any old song and absolutely captivate audiences.  I believe much of his appeal has always been his  unassuming laid back sensibility which we flock to it because we wish we had it...either that or it's the puffer jacket.

This intimate stripped down performance which Rivers treated fans to in the great city of Chicago, happened April 9th at a sold out 300 capacity venue called the Beat Kitchen. Aside from some early Weezer and some new stuff Rivers also nonchalantly included covers of Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins.

Plus he has a "no laughing policy" haha (check out his interaction with the crowd , and you'll see what I'm talking about).

Rivers released a solo single ‘Medicine For Melancholy’ last month – his first since 2011.

Check out this fan video:

Rivers Cuomo - When I Come Around (Green Day Cover) + Buddy Holly

at Beat Kitchen in Chicago 4/10/2018