Irregardless, You're Probably Saying These 5 Phrases Wrong - Amy Brooks

I pride myself in NOT being one of those people who just doesn't say shit right.  But, I will say, there's one on this list that I DO say and I'm mad I never realized it was wrong.  In fact even as I write this I am still trying to justify and negotiate it as correct the way that I've always said it..."I could care less"  (see number 2 below)

See the correct way to say that commonly misused phrase and several others.  Irregardless, something tells me there will be a couple that you too are saying incorrectly.  You're welcome. (and btw: I know that irregardless is wrong here...I was just making sure you were paying attention). 😉

Here are five phrases people commonly misuse that can do nothing except make you sound, well, like an idiot. . .

1.  "For all intensive purposes."  The correct way to say it is, "For all intents AND purposes."  "Intents" as in intentions.

2.  "I could care less" should be "I COULDN'T care less."  If you COULD care less, that means you DO care about something.  If you couldn't, then you don't care at all (see image for further explanation).

3.  "One in the same" should be "one AND the same."  It's a minor difference, and you might be able to get away with it.  But technically, "one IN the same" is wrong.

4.  "Tongue and cheek" should be "tongue IN cheek."  It's literally describing a facial expression people make when they're joking.  Like if you were trying not to laugh and pushed the side of your cheek out with your tongue.

5.  "Jive with" should be "JIBE with."  "Jibe" means to be in agreement with something.  "Jive" is a type of dance, or a way of speaking.  (Like the old woman who speaks jive in the movie "Airplane".)

(People started using the word "jive" in the 1920s.  And according to Merriam-Webster, they started confusing it with "jibe" almost immediately.  So don't worry too much if you mess that one up)

Ok now go off and work on sounding more intelligent and if you don't well I couldn't care less 😉

-Amy Brooks