INTERVIEW: James Bay Is Back With A New Album And New Hair - Amy Brooks

James Bay is the kind of musician that doesn't really need to be announced nor does the radio personality (me) need to be all set up for him to make his entrance for a backstage pre-show interview.  He's also not the guy who's NOT gonna wear a Ghost Busters jumpsuit.  In fact he's just an adorable, humble, happy, funny, relaxed, personable English dude who happens to be an uber-talented, world renowned singer songwriter guitarist who in 3 short years has become, simply, a bonafide rock star.

James in 2015 probably singing "Hold Back The River"

He could wear a burlap sack and be relevant (and gorgeous), which was practically what he was wearing just 2 hours before he went on stage in front of an awestruck crowd at the Royale Thursday night April 5th.  However, without his signature troubadour hat and long locks, I must say I wasn't entirely convinced it was him, until he spoke. Ahh yes there he is...and that charm and wit and smile.  Keep it together Aim.  Where am I?  What I am I doing again?

Luckily he made it simple.  Just a few comments and he was off chit chatting in front of our simple camera rig set up and looking from me to the camera like he's been doing this for 25 years, not the other way around (I HAVE been!)

It makes me happy and my heart truly swells to be witness to his rise and incredible success. James is officially only 2 albums into his short time as a performing artist, with his latest effort Electric Light (left) complete and ready to drop May 18.  Plus he's got quite an extensive tour on his hands in support of the new record, and he stops in Boston at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion September 26th.

Please watch my interview with James Bay below, and see for yourself if you didn't know already, how comfortable, charming and engaging he is plus he explains the reason for the slight transformation (hair, clothes, music) and he reveals who he aspires to play with...finally, you can see whether or not I am able to keep my shit together.

Thanks James see you at the Pavilion in 170 days (but who's counting?)

-Amy Brooks