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Marilyn Manson to Courtney Love: "Hello Nurse!"

Not sure how Courtney Love came to be involved in Marilyn Manson's upcoming music video, but we're all on board.

Manson shared the following teaser clip of the video for "Tattooed in Reverse," which shows love being the nurse to everyone's favorite Antichrist Superstar.

Marilyn Manson on Twitter

Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse? Oh shit...I did. TATTOOED IN REVERSE.


Honestly, the only thing better than this clip is this recent tweet from Love in which she questions those who tell you not to eat cookie dough.  (For real...who made up that bullsh*t?!)

Courtney Love Cobain on Twitter

has anyone really ever got salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or are people just trying to stop me from living my life?


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