Amy's Pick Of The Week: Stone Temple Pilots's Entire NEW Self Titled Album

Yes, my pick of the week this week is an entire album, Stone Temple Pilot's new self titled album.  STP is a legendary, storied and beloved band born and raised in the 90's rock era, an era that fans like me refuse to let go of, as allll of those Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Candlebox, STP songs (and more) truly formed a generation and set up a whole new, much needed, genre of music.

Oh that all sounds so dramatic, so let me just get down to it.   I'm super excited to hear some familiar yet new guitar riffs, blow up rock music again.  And refreshingly, I LOVE STP's new lead singer, Jeff Gutt (pronounced Goot).  And this is no dig on Chester Bennington one bit, he will remain legendary himself, but Jeff seems like such a great fit with a likeness to Scott Weiland, without at all trying to BE him.  In fact in a press release Jeff explains:

No one will ever fill Scott's shoes and I'm not trying to - he's a legend. but his songs deserve to be performed and people want to hear them! I'm just honored that the guys chose me to help them continue to build the band's legacy

After 25 + years and hearing this much anticipated new full length, STP seems to be reborn.  They have experienced the lowest life can give you yet they persevere.  Dean DeLeo's signature heavy and aggressive rhythm guitar coupled with Jeff's powerful melodic voice, is gripping.  Their chemistry already runs deep, palpable.

My favorite track so far is "Guilty" track 2.  Although they've released others including "Meadow" (which you heard first on Alt 92.9), and the introspective, emotional "The Art of Letting Go".... which does give you a nice connection to their new guy.

This, STP's 7th studio album, is available now at your favorite (almost extinct) record store, or you can purchase it, stream it with Prime or download the MP3 on Amazon here.

You can also visit their website directly to download the album and check out their current tour dates.

Amazon gives the album 4 1/2 stars (bravo Amazon) do I.

But don't take my word for it! Check out the full album first here on YouTube:

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Stone Temple Pilots (2018) (Full Album) ????

Stone Temple Pilots is the seventh studio album by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots. It is the second consecutive self-titled album by the band and was released on March 16, 2018. The album is the first to feature lead singer Jeff Gutt, and the first without original singer Scott Weiland, who died in 2015.