Time To Get the Bread And Milk!

As the cancellations roll in and we all scratch our heads in disbelief at yet another (Boston's 3rd) 100 year storm in 12 days, I must admit I am out of milk.  Mad at myself for literally needing to go to the store today, the day before 14" are due to fall in Boston, I thought it prudent to resurrect this most ridiculous selfie video that has gone viral a few times over.  Here is the "Bread and Milk" guy... the funniest, simplest, most spot-on video selfie ever (well at least for those of us who live in the northern half).

But who is he?  He is Vic Dibitetto and he a stand up comedian, internet personality, singer and film actor.  He refers to himself as “The Donkey of Comedy,” or “The Working Class Zero.” He is known for his YouTube videos, but has become world renowned for his "Bread and Milk" video, which went viral 6 years ago aaaand sure seems fitting for today.

Which reminds me, I gotta go to the store.  😉



"Bread & Milk" -THE ORIGINAL VIDEO- vicdibitetto.net

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