Amy's Pick Of The Week AJR (feat Rivers Cuomo) "Sober Up" - Amy Brooks

Who IS AJR?  And how on earth did this new band hook up with Rivers Cuomo?  Reasonable questions, with simple answers. It's a great and simple story and I've got it for you right here:

  1. AJR is a trio of brothers named Adam, Jack and Ryan Met.  They are multi-instrumentalists who grew up on the island of Manhattan and traded in their Legos at an early age for musical instruments and singing and rapping lyrics.  Their name, simply, is a letter for each brother in the band AJR Adam, Jack, Ryan.  Their career started 12 years ago busking in Central and Washington Park in New York.
  2. AJR is not as unknown and new as we might have first thought.  For example: their 2017 self published song and video "Weak" has over 32 million views on YouTube, pretty legit. (check it out below)
  3. 3.  How did these Manhattan brothers come to collaborate with their hero and Alt Rock icon Rivers Cuomo of Weezer?  Another remarkably simple answer:  Twitter.  AJR realized Rivers was following them on Twitter so they reached out and said something like "hey wanna collab?" to which Rivers immediately replied "Oh dude, I love 'Weak' let's jam and write a song together" Aaaand the rest is history, or at least their new song "Sober Up" which you should listen to if you haven't already below:
  4. Here's my pick of the week: AJR's "Sober Up" (featuring Rivers Cuomo) which you will find on AJR's forthcoming album "The Click" due this June.

-Amy Brooks

AJR - Sober Up (feat. Rivers Cuomo) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Click Tour 2018 - On sale now: iTUNES: SPOTIFY: Directed by Aaron A


And here's their first song, "Weak"'s the song that caught Rivers' attention... and it has well over 32 million views.


Grab the song here: iTUNES: SPOTIFY: ON TOUR: Check us out everywhere online @AJRBrothers Directed by Shane Drake (c) 2017 AJR Productions LLC