(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A Massive Boulder Crashed Onto a Highway and Narrowly Missed a Car

Somebody posted dash-cam video of a huge boulder tumbling off a cliff and hitting the highway a few feet in front of their car.  And then it bounces off the road and almost hits their windshield.  It could've been a disaster.  The driver said he wasn't injured and his car only had minor scratches from the debris.

Terrifying moment driver misses falling boulder by one heartbeat

Taiwanese driver cheats death by ONE SECOND as boulder suddenly falls from a cliff onto a busy motorway Mr Tsai was driving on Hualian Motorway yesterday when the huge rock fell The driver in Taiwan was shocked while watching dashcam footage afterwards 'If I had driven faster by one second, I could have been dead,' Mr Tsai said A driver in Taiwan had a near brush with death yesterday after a huge rock suddenly fell 100 feet from a cliff onto a major motorway.