(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A Woman Tries Hiding From the Cops by Putting a Laundry Hamper Over Her Head

You're not going to be able to hide from the cops if your hiding technique isn't good enough to trick a two-year-old.

The police in Derbyshire, England went to a woman's house on Monday after she skipped a court appearance, and she tried to hide from them . . . by putting a laundry hamper over her head and standing perfectly still.

Alfreton Town SNT on Twitter

Female located and arrested for failing to appear at court. It's all well and good saying "I'll hand myself in on Monday" - you should have turned up last week when you were told to!!!

But . . . um . . . it only covered her head and about half of her torso.  So somehow, the cops found her and arrested her . . . after they took a picture of how ridiculous she looked.