WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo Interviews TB12 And Coach Bill

Honestly. I cannot stop watching this.  As someone who has personally been in the middle of a media circus needing to not only think fast and get in there but having to persevere and push even when the subject says NO. Ugh, it's painful.  But Guillermo Rodriguez 47, who was found by Jimmy Kimmel while working as a parking garage security guard, is so brave and happy go lucky and quick at deflecting and finding the cute funny question that's not only answerable but doesn't piss off the VIP, well I will be the first to admit he is unassumingly brilliant!  Obviously aside from his ability to have TB12 giggle, shake his head and still answer his questions, my favorite part is watching Guillermo kick a small hole in Coach Belichick's armor.  Did I say brilliant?

Watch and laugh.  If you ask me, THIS is the spirit of the whole pre-Super Bowl media circus.  Not just stats and players' preparation, (after all there's only so much info we need about who's covering whom, and if Tom's hand is ok, because it is)... I too would like to know how he got his teeth so white!  😉

-Amy Brooks

Check it out here and laugh:

Guillermo at Super Bowl Opening Night 2018

Every year at the Super Bowl they have an opening night where members of the media get to talk to players from both teams. Since Jimmy's cousin Sal was banned from attending for dressing up like a player and tricking reporters into interviewing him, we send Guillermo to cover the event now.