Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Performances Then And Now - Amy Brooks

Springsteen, U2, Prince, Bruno Mars, Chili Peppers, Katy Perry, Gaga, Beyonce, The Who, Justin Timberlake (who can forget his and Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction??).  These are just some of the past Superbowl half time shows I can remember without going to Google.

Justin Timberlake (again), who, even this deep seeded rock fan thinks is a master performer (and funny to boot), is the man slated for the task this Sunday for Superbowl LII. 

There are a couple of interesting tid-bits surrounding his performance:

  1. With the game in Minnesota, seems logical that he will honor the late great purple one with an obligatory song, and I must admit to looking forward to seeing him perform a big Prince song, but the questions are swirling as to which song.  Purple Rain seems the most logical except it's kind of a slow show stopping number.  So my vote would be Let's Go Crazy.  THAT would wow the crowd and keep the momentum for sure.
  2. After Justin was asked and accepted the honor of fronting this year's half time show, all the talk behind the scenes have been reminders of him keeping the performance "family friendly" for obvious reasons (OMG the bru-ha-ha over such a small thing! I can't even go there - although below is the song and performance, which btw was AWESOME).

So, some new Dilly Dilly Bud Light commercials, what should be a pretty great half time show with JT, wings, artichoke dip, beers, friends, prop bets, picking squares etc etc...all great things to look forward to this Sunday.

Oh yeah and the football game.  😉


-Amy Brooks


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