Under The Covers: Cowboy Junkies "Sweet Jane" - Amy Brooks

It's funny.  When I get into conversations with people after they learn what my "job" is, without fail I'm asked one or all of these 3 questions:

  1. Have you been to any shows lately (yes)
  2. Have you met any cool musicians (definitely)
  3. What's your favorite cover song? (huh?)

The last one almost always throws me.  It just seems so random, because I can truly think of other pressing musical inquiries, but instead this one is as common as the Patriots coming from behind for the win.

So I got to thinking.  Every sing band, every single musician, nearly every single live concert I have ever seen, they will play at least one cover song.  So it DOES make sense that music fans might be curious about who did/does it best.

Enter this new web series I am orchestrating called

Under the Covers (with Amy Brooks) that last part is optional of course 😉

So here's my first pick:  "Sweet Jane"  Written by Lou Reed for The Velvet Underground’s fourth studio album, 1970’s Loaded.

And although the song has been covered by a wide variety of artists over the years, this one wins my vote (and I'm not alone).  Cowboy Junkies recorded it for their 1988 full-length album The Trinity Session and it really got people talking.

Lou Reed himself was taken with the remake, saying:

“this is the best and most authentic version I have ever heard.”

6 years after it's release this Cowboy Junkies’ version was included on the soundtrack to Oliver Stone's 1994 film Natural Born Killers.

Here it is... my cover song of the week:


Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (Official Video)

Official Video. Visite também o blogue CANTO DE ROCK... http://cantoderrock.blogspot.com