Before He Was The GOAT: The Many Faces Of Tom Brady - Amy Brooks

Tom Brady a relative unknown and new to to Patriots

Not sure anyone in the history of sports is in the spotlight more, on the news more or photographed more than this man, Tom Brady, New England's very own GOAT.

early in their love affair

So in his honor just past his 40th birthday and onto his 12 conference appearance with the New England Patriots I thought let's take a little lookie-loo back at the years and faces of Tom Brady.


before his ban on tomatoes, mushrooms and sugar
cleans up nicely


we did not win this one


obviously pre-TB12 method... no judgement, and not complaining
Bearded Tom
and finally...the face of an intense TB12 who we have come to know so well as The GOAT.

and if you've made it this far- ESPN has done a 20 second picture morph video of Tom over the years.  Which I actually find to be as interesting as it is disturbing.

-Amy Brooks


Tom Brady Face Morph | ESPN

From Michigan to the Patriots, check out this Tom Brady face morph video from over the years of playing football.