Oprah For President? It Sure Seems So - Amy Brooks

Has Oprah set up her campaign headquarters yet?  Wow.  Hard to disagree with anything in her powerful  "acceptance" speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes where she was receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award.  After all her words were all about women speaking their truths in this new "Me too" anti-sexual assault movement which has gained the traction it has in Hollywood thanks to all of the offenders who have been admittedly accused (Harvey Weinstein).

After host Seth Meyers made a joke about wanting Oprah to be the next president, she stepped on stage to accept the award for her outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment, and delivered a message that had her audience on their feet.

Her contributions do not end with her contributions to the entertainment world, oh no.  Her philanthropy, charity involvement and female strength and empowerment over the decades has not only been inspirational but has set her up for that speech, at that time, to that audience.

It's funny, as I was listening to her live I was struck by her words but even more so by her sheer ability to speak and get her point across with such eloquence, grace and passion.  Something we, as Americans, just aren't used to.  And so it was that eloquence that lead me to think...

"hmmm maybe Oprah should run for president!"

I thought this was an original thought but come to find out, not only was I not the only one thinking this, but it was hardly and epiphany. This had already been tossed around for many months, by many, including Oprah herself.

In fact, after the Globes,  (according to the LA Times) her longtime partner Stedman Graham gave this insight about his better half running for president:

“It's up to the people” and “she would absolutely do it.”

So who knows if she will actually run in 2020, but one thing is for sure...at the end of that stirring memorable and captivating Golden Globes speech, (and after I surfaced from the fog I was in), all that was left was for her to start yelling

"And you get a car!  And you get a car! And YOU and you and YOU!!"  

-Amy Brooks

Here's her speech in full:

Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes

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