Pictures And Video From Winter Storm Grayson So Far - Amy Brooks

As the Twitter-sphere blows up over Winter Storm Grayson with tales of the "ice shove" in most harbors, wind gusts to 70 mph along the coast, snow falls of 2-3" per hour and pictures to match, I thought it would be good to consolidate them all to one place to gawk at the audacity that mother nature has put upon us.

Hope this finds you safe and able to enjoy these in the warm safety of wherever you are most happy.

  1. You don't need to know Barnstable Harbor to know this is insane...

Charles Orloff on Twitter

Barnstable Harbor gone crazy!!!

This from my good friend and co-worker Morgan in Quincy! Wow sister.

Morgan Prue

This is a crazy storm!!!

And the worst is still yet to come...

Miss Lippy on Twitter

@universalhub check out Seaport Blvd right now, disaster and its getting worse by the min.....

No idea where this is or what the guy is saying, or even if it is Massachusetts or Galway, but it's pretty crazy cool...

GalwaySlowTradSesh on Twitter

Sneachta, gaoth, agus tonnta crashing. Typical #Massachusetts winter weather... #blizzard2018 #bombcyclone

And a couple of funny ways to make light of it all.  No matter how tough these storms are, Donny Wahlberg is right!

Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter

What is all this #BombCyclone talk? Anybody in New England knows what it's really called -- a #NOREASTAH! nōre-east-tuh: (n/adv) a wicked bad stawm in the wintah that kicks the shit out of the north east. especially Bawstin. and it snows everywhayahh! fuck!


Poor dude-

Bob Marsdale on Twitter

Meanwhile your local weather reporter is enjoying the spotlight today. #BombCyclone #SnowQuake #blizzard2018 #BlizzardWarning