2018's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Yeah it feels like Ground Hog Day more than it does another new year, since ALL of these damn resolutions are virtually carbon copies of last year's and the year before and the year before that.  And although I was not part of the questionnaire, my truly unoriginal resolutions of exercise and eat better (which really for me translates into losing weight) both appear on this list.

YouGov asked a sample of 1,170 adults what their 2018 resolutions are and like I said, sure enough, eating better, exercising and saving money topped the list...so why can't we keep to that mantra so that by year's end we can actually come up with other, new, different and more creative things to resolve to do (like give more to charity, or spend time with family and loved ones).

I guess we are all just too self involved.  For example just check out #10!

10. Focus more on appearance (Really? We as humans need to actually care and spend MORE time on our appearance? Don't most of us obsess about our appearance on a daily basis enough already!?) 

9. Get a new hobby (like fishing?  Sounds good but who has the time?)

8. Make new friends (haha you mean your 1,200 Instagram followers aren't enough?)

7. Get a new job (Now THIS is a reasonable resolution.  If you aren't being compensated enough for your die-hard work efforts, or if you aren't getting the respect you deserve or if you just despise your job...well I am rooting for you to make a change!!  Life is too short to spend 40+ hours a week doing something you hate so I say Go for it!!)

6. Learn a new skill (see #9, sounds good but who has the damn time?)

5. Read more books (again see #9 and #6)

4. Self care... i.e: get more sleep  (ok ok, so get off the Netflix just one hour sooner and put your damn head down, easy peasy.  More sleep = a must)

3. Spend less money (again, this sounds good but what about dinner out? That new kitchen remodel, Superbowl tickets and that trip to Fiji?) 😉 

2. Exercise more (this is as constant as a a February blizzard in Calgary.  Why this shows up every year on our new years resolution list is apparent.  None of us can stick to it!  I suppose knowing I'm not alone is the only consolation)

1. Eat better (and the #1 does not disappoint, ok well, maybe a little.  So cut back on fatty foods, carbs and sugars and you're golden. Boo.)

Basically, what this list says to me is the same thing all of the lists have said in years past.

"Be responsible and take care of yourself".... neither of which are very fun.

Moral of the story:  Don't have any fun in 2018...and that is exactly why these same 10 resolutions  keep showing up year after year.

In which case, I've already got my list ready for next year.   😉