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ICYMI: New Video Thirty Seconds To Mars's Inspiring "Walk On Water"

Makes sense that this would be so well done, makes sense that this would be poignant, makes sense because it was created, produced, directed and sung by Jared Leto. 

Thirty Second to Mars's new song "Walk on Water" is so good, it has been reverberating in an anthemic manner all across the land.

In a year of unrest, uncertainly and division, Jared Leto's "A Day in the Life Of America" explores and celebrates our country in an effort to bring us together, and damn it may have actually achieved it's goal.

Check out Jared's inspiring video below with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars's rousing "Walk on Water" to fill your ears which you'll find will also fill your mind, heart and soul.

Here's to a hopeful 2018!

-Amy Brooks

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water (Official Music Video)

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