NEW MUSIC: Theory of A Deadman Takes On Drug Crisis With "RX (Medicate)"

"I am so frickin bored, nothing to do today, I guess I'll sit around and medicate"

Words from the song "RX (Medicate)", simple yet striking.  Much like the band who wrote it Theory of a Deadman. 

And as original as this song is, there's something familiar.  Turns out, Theory of a Deadman, from BC, Canada, was discovered by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger back on '01!  Two things about that fact.  Theory has been around for 16+ years?  Yes. apparently they have had some Billboard success with 2 previous songs "Bad Girlfriend" and "Lowlife" 

Second, Nickelback? Really?  Yeah, really.  Hey I'm always the first to maintain that for all the scrutiny and crap that band gets, it cannot be overlooked how almost every show, and every tour they've done sells out, the songs they have are bonafide HITS and finally, the ladies love Chad!  So let's go easy on The Nickelback. 

Anyway, this post is about Theory of a Deadman not Nickelback.

Theory's new album, (their sixth!), Wake Up Call (available now), has a theme.  While the band was writing and recording it, stories of drug addiction, overdoses, mass casualties were all over the news.

But they aren't just hit makers concerned with this new song's success. No, Theory of a Deadman has aligned themselves with Shatterproof, a nonprofit who assist families of victims of addiction.  Lead singer Tyler Connolly explains,

“This record is us having an opinion and writing the songs that we wanted to finally write.”

Great job guys, congratulations and best of luck from your friends at Alt 92.9 where you can of course hear their truly stirring new song (which is below):



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