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A Nice Collection Of Flaming Shot Fails

Maxim has taken the time to scour the internet in an attempt to compile a very long list of videos showing you why YOU should not try a flaming shot! After checking these out you'll probably agree it's best to just leave the fire eating to the professionals at the circus, bro.

Compilation - Flaming Shot Fails

Compilation with flaming shot fails. People who decide to take flaming alcohol drink and something gone wrong.


8 Burning-Hot Reasons NOT to Try a Flaming Shot, the Dumb and Dangerous New Drinking Trend

Hopefully this isn't a news flash, but booze is extremely combustible. In fact, the term "alcohol" is shorthand for ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol-the stuff you find mixed in with gasoline at just about every Shell or BP. Knowing this, no sane person would try, say, lighting a shot of high-proof whiskey on fire before pounding it down.