No Thanks On Thanksgiving From Netflix

Now, when I first clicked on the "agree to pay" button after signing up for Netflix last year, I knew the $9.99 monthly fee wasn't going to last too long.  But ya gotta love the timing of Netfix's announcement as well as the official date of their actual price hike.  The official word came down from the company this Thanksgiving.

Back in October Netflix did say we'd be seeing a price increase for its streaming services "soon." Now, while the timing of the increase does depend on your own individual billing cycle, it seems that the majority of the price hikes have fallen nicely in line with... the HOLIDAYS.  Yay. (Of course they do). 

So be forewarned if you haven't been already, you should be getting a warning about the price hike in an e-mail and on the app soon (about 30 days ahead), which seems insensitive at best as far as timing for those of us who pay on the 25th of every month.  Why? Because that means you probably found out about the price jump over Thanksgiving weekend, making your first bill, with the increased price, fall perfectly on Christmas.  Yay!

Just in time to crush your holiday cheer.

Standard U.S. subscriptions will jump from $9.99 to $10.99, while premier tier price will increase from $11.99 to $13.99. The basic $7.99 plan will remain the same (what is this plan? i don't know it).

But alas, even with the price increase, Netflix is still cheaper than HBO which is $15 per month, and it beats Hulu's commercial-free package at $11.99 per month.

But still...I do love the reaction to the higher prices...especially from this Twitter user...

Sarah Rumpf on Twitter

Nice timing, @netflix, to tell your customers prices are going up on Thanksgiving. Didn't even bother to thank us for being your customers. ????

I guess it is worth it.  But really what choice do we have? I'm not gonna end my relationship with possibly the greatest entertainment streaming company and interface of all time over an extra measly $1 a month ($12 per year). Right??  And THAT'S how they do it to us!

Damn.  I guess we should just be thankful that they didn't jack our monthly subscription more than a buck a month.

(Hey, I'm trying to do the ol' glass half full thing with me).

Signed, your fellow binge-watcher,

-Amy Brooks