My Rewarding Trip To Petco - This Green Cheek Conure Does Tricks

This was the best 2 minutes of my weekend.  Cami and I were at Sherwood Plaza in Natick buying stupid crap at 5 Below when we decided to take a walk through Petco for the first time in a long time.  We visited the ferrets and the Guinea pigs and the gerbils and the fish (ok we just walked by the fish) and the snakes and then we came to the exotic birds.  I've never ever considered getting a bird, but after watching this this birdie for just 2 minutes, I must say I considered throwing down my credit card.  THIS Green Cheeked Conure is more fun to watch than any gerbil, guinea pig, ferret, iguana and snake combined!

When we approached the glass we instinctively started making kissing sounds and tapping lightly her enclosure when all of a sudden she (Kaytee) quite literally did a full on somersault!  Cami and I thought we were seeing things.  A BIRD doing a forward roll?  So we kept up the hand gestures and she did it again and again, plus she added in a side roll and as well as an unsolicited moon walk. Wow!  We though this little birdie was truly talented all on her own, but when I asked the clerk about her he explained that the Petco employees trained her to do that.  Still impressive, that a creature with a "bird brain" has the ability to learn to roll over and do the moon walk.

I'll never use the expression "bird brain" again, and that's a promise to all endothermic vertebrates and their fans...of whom I am now one.

Thanks for the entertainment Kaytee at Petco! 



This Green Cheek Conure Does Tricks!

My daughter and I️ stopped by Petco in Natick, Ma and we were entertained by this adorable little guy.