SNL's "Schweddy Balls" Because Christmas IS Coming - Amy Brooks

So I heard someone say 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and 46 shopping days left until Christmas. Groan. It's like all we are ever doing is getting ready for whatever damn holiday is coming next.  I still have my cotton cobwebs all over my bushes because I'm not ready to let go of Halloween yet (actually yes I am).

So as I refuse to even think about Xmas or yuletide or the ugly sweater I won't wear or the stockings hung after it takes a week to figure out how to do that without making a hole in my mantle-piece...I thought hey there you who gave me the 46 day Xmas count down, that I'd inject some humor into that thought with this most amazing TBT SNL sketch with these two incredibly hilarious ladies Anna Gasteyer and Molly Shannon and their guest host Alec Baldwin all doing NPR proud (or not)

Happy #TBT!  And don't let anyone scare you about the holidays except these guys eating a platter of Schwetty Balls.



NPR's Delicious Dish - Schweddy Balls

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